Cannabis and psychedelics have emerged as a possible solution to help consumers with specific physical and mental health conditions. Marijuana, in particular, is now legal in Canada. Marijuana consumers use it either for recreational or medical purposes. Still, mental health professionals do not suggest cannabis as an ideal medicine, whether their patients like that or not. If you think medical cannabis is the only possible remedy for treating certain medical conditions, you need to talk to your mental health professional about it.

An Incident with Elena Cohen. Why Are Medical Professionals Not Sure about Recommending Cannabis?

Elana Cohen, a public relations professional in Chicago, suffered a tough time in her life when her mother took her own life. She felt depressed, and her doctors recommended anti-depressants. Even after its use, she still suffered from social anxiety and PTSD. Then, her father urged her to try cannabis that helped her despite the lack of physician recommendations. It is one of the many incidents that justify the power of medical uses of cannabis. There are many other cases like these, but it was worth mentioning.

On the other hand, medical health professionals are not 100% sure about the medical benefits of marijuana. Although many medical cannabis users claim it helps them. There are some side effects of cannabis usage if one does not take the recommended dosage of cannabis. Probably, doctors do not recommend marijuana usage due to the side effects it has.

What Should You Do If Your Mental Health Professional Opposes Cannabis?

Doing the following things can help you consume cannabis as a medical marijuana user:

  1. Buy from Legal Weed Dispensaries:

If your medical health professional does not prescribe cannabis, you can capitalize on the presence of legal weed dispensaries. You can buy from those dispensaries, provided that they sell the recommended dosage as per Cannabis Act to medical marijuana users.

  1. Buy from Medical Marijuana Company:

You can also buy cannabis from a company that sells medical cannabis online. You may find edibles and concentrates, besides many potent strains, in an online marijuana store selling cannabis to medical patients.

  1. Try to Convince Your Medical Health Professional about Cannabis’ Positive Effects:

If your doctor is against cannabis, you should try to convince them about cannabis. You can give examples of research on the medical benefits of cannabis to persuade your doctor to permit you to use cannabis.

Medical cannabis has several medical benefits. That is why many patients prefer cannabis to pharmaceutical products. You can easily search online and find out which strain works for you and why.


Research is not 100% completed concerning medical cannabis; still, patients who find marijuana the only option for their treatment cannot resist using cannabis. Many healthcare professionals are not convinced about cannabis as an alternative to modern medicine. You can purchase it from a legal weed dispensary and licensed cannabis store online in Canada, provided that you are not unfollowing the law concerning cannabis. For more details, feel free to contact.