Cannabis Industry keeps growing, with novel cannabis products coming into the market for recreational and medical purposes. The marijuana community is persistently breeding novel strains to get high quickly. Edibles in the category of weed are offering more convenience to stoners. Then, there are cannabis concentrates that come in various forms. Among cannabis concentrates, live resin is very popular. It is produced through a unique technique. First, fresh cannabis is frozen and then extracted. Through freezing, live resin cannabis concentrates maintain their valuable terpene profile. Live resin is beloved by dabbers and vapers in Canada owing to its natural cannabis flavours and cannabinoids.

Live Resin’ Appearance

Live resin is dark yellow and looks like a mix between wax and sauce. Sometimes, live resin concentrates are more compact. It is very gluey; therefore, you need a dab tool for handling live resin.

How Was Live Resin Produced?

Live resin has been around since 2011 when Colorado’s growers were trying to produce a unique concentrate. William Fenger trailblazed the procedure of producing concentrates having a natural terpene profile by developing a distinctive extractor, which was dependant on shallow temperatures. It helped him maintain the terpene profile, aroma, and flavour of the plant used during the extraction process.

Live resin is unique from other cannabis concentrates because it gives marijuana consumers a unique experience due to its terpene profile. The aroma, flavour, and effects of live resin make it a standout cannabis concentrate among the marijuana community.

About Live Resin Viscosities

Live resin usually has different viscosities, like soft, rigid, or in-between, ranging from sap, jelly, butter, shatter, and others. For instance, saps can be beaten into butter. Its terpene profile differs based on the starting material; no matter how it gets extracted, it seems only pleasant as the plant it came from.

Storing Live Resin

The best way to stow live resin is that you put it in an air-tight container, then into the refrigerator to preserve its terpenes. Leaving it in the open air like other cannabis will make it dry quickly and spoil its taste.

How Can You Consume Live Resin?

There are different ways you can consume live resin. Most people want to dab it, and you will need a dab rig and a dabber tool to do it by keeping the temperature around 550 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use a dab pen to consume live resin. With this method, you need to put your live resin cannabis concentrates into the pen instead of a vape cartridge. However, make sure to utilize a dabber tool to get the resin in the dab pen’s oven. You can also put live resin on a blunt, joint, or top of a bowl.

Some Medical Benefits of Consuming Live Resin

Here are the benefits you get with the consumption of live resin:

  • Intaking large amounts of live resin in one go (inhale) can help you treat nausea or chronic pain.
  • Consumption of live resin helps marijuana users with migraines and the effects of chemotherapy and epilepsy.

Which Strains Are Considered the Best for Crafting Live Resins?

Royal Gorilla (Sightly Indica-dominant Hybrid Strain), Fruit Spirit (Sativa-dominant Hybrid Strain), and White Widow (Balanced Hybrid Strain) are considered ideal for crafting the live resins.


Live resin cannabis concentrates are different from other cannabis concentrates owing to their natural terpene profile. Appearance-wise, live resin is dark-yellow and sticky. Live resin was first produced in 2011 with the efforts of William Fenger. This unique cannabis concentrate has different viscosities; soft, rigid, or in between the two. You can store live resin in an air-tight container to preserve its distinctive aroma. Dabbing is the simplest and the most used way to consume live resin. Lastly, the live resin has some medical benefits as well.

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