Tom Ford Cannabis strain Canada

Tom Ford strain effects

  • relaxed
  • sleepy
  • euphoric
  • creative

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is better known by the name, ‘Tom Ford Pink Kush (TFPK)’. TFPK is an Indica-Dominant-Strain that is very popular. Just like the upscale fashion designer, ‘Tom Ford’, the strain itself is high-class. Tom Ford’s family tree is not known, but it is very likely the cross between ‘Pink Kush’ and some other mystery ‘Hybrid’. Irrespective of the lineage of Tom Ford, the strain we are familiar with nowadays is an absolute gem.




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Tom Ford Strain Information

The Beauty of Tom Ford

If you have a quick look at the bud, you will find out that its’ a league of its own. The Kush is an amalgam of deep purple and greens with light red fibers interweaving the bud. The trichomes that cover this bud appears like the morning frost on one’s car windshield.

The taste of Tom Ford falls in line with its Pink Kush equivalent. The taste begins with an earthy flavor followed by a sugary trace that is covered up in a hint of woodiness. One needs to use a wooden pipe to experience its taste with full effect. TFPK’s aroma and palate show all the signs with an authentic wood while enhancing the flavor.

Effects of Tom Ford:

Tom Ford gives one of the most potent high gear that you can get from cannabis. By tasting the strain, you will feel like you have been hit by a punch from Mike Tyson within a few seconds. The effect starts with a pulsating cerebral stimulation and feels like a dubious hallucinogenic. The strain heightens the sense of its user in every direction, and the entire experience is overjoying resulting in feelings of happiness and astonishment. The body turns to experience joy with the euphoria settled in. You will experience warm energy by tasting this world-class strain. The muscles will start to fall away, and your torso and legs will begin to melt just like cheese in an oven. You must remember that Tom Ford is only recommended to savvy cannabis users or medical patients.

Benefits of Tom Ford:

  • Tom Ford is perfect to treat painful ailments.
  • It is an alternative to prescribed pain killers
  • You can enjoy your sleep once you enjoy consuming this cannabis.
  • You cannot ever go wrong with the fantastic taste of Tom Ford.

Other Notes:

  1. Earthy, sweet, and woody flavors can be experienced with Tom Ford.
  2. Tom Ford gives you a happy, relaxed, euphoric, sleepy, and hungry feeling.
  3. Medical benefits of Tom ford include treating conditions; such as chronic anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and chronic fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tom Ford:

Q. Where does Tom Ford come from?
A. It has come from Canadian dispensaries, but where it is grown currently is not in public knowledge.

Q. Where does Tom Ford taste like? How does it smell like?
A. It tastes like candy and smells like perfume.

Q. Can Tom Ford treat insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, anxiety, and chronic pain?
A. Yes, the strain can treat insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, anxiety, and chronic pain successfully.

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Tom Ford strain full effects


  • Happy

  • Relaxed

  • Euphoric

  • Uplifted

  • Sleepy


Helps with

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Pain

  • Depression

  • insomnia


Side effects

  • Dry mouth

  • Dry eyes

  • Paranoid

  • Dizziness

  • Anxious