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Super Glue

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Seedism Seeds has really outdone themselves with the Superglue strain. As a Hybrid between Afghani & Northern Lights, Superglue is a dream strain for those looking for a combination between a total mind and body experience. The super green color, sweet caramel, and pine scent come from its ancestral indica heritage. Superglue will give you an energetic, upbeat feel and at the same time relax your mind in a calming and refreshing way. The functional high of Superglue is a big reason why the fans love this strain. Enjoy a mind-altering high while still maintaining your grip on reality and responsibilities.

Effects: Happy – Relaxed – Sleepy – Euphoric – Uplifted

Medical: Stress – Depression – Pain – Insomnia –Lack of Appetite



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  1. kellyo

    Excellent. Just as described

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