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Godfather OG

$11 Per Gram

THC – 20-24%

Dubbed “The Don of All OGs,” this strain has quite a name to live up to. A popular medical strain in Southern California, Godfather OG, like many other OG strains, is often recommended for insomnia and pain due to its sedative indica properties. The Don is a result of crossing XXX OG and Alpha OG. Bolstering an odour profile of mushy spiciness with some subtle grape note, the Godfather OG is powerful, with THC levels going as high as 28%, this strain is an off you can’t refuse. Godfather OG won 1st place for Bed Indica at the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles.




  • Relaxed

  • Euphoric

  • Happy

  • Hungry

  • Uplifted



  • Stress

  • Pain

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Lack of Appetite


2 reviews for Godfather OG

  1. Vinni

    Great quality stuff from ocs as always! never disappoint

  2. Moayad Daija

    Godfather OG is sent from above! Relieved me from my pain within minutes of smoking it and lasted for hours after. I even felt refreshed after waking up the next day with little pain. It also does not give you a munchie attack, just enough to enjoy some good food.

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