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Master Kush

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The Dutch have certainly taken things to a new level with Master Kush. Born from the gardens of the Dutch White Label Seed Company, this strain gives a new meaning to the art of breeding. Master Kush was created from two exotic strains in the Hindu Kush Region. It maintains an aroma that delivers hints of citrus combined with a subtle earthy smell that will just complete you in every way. This strain actually has a fragrance that resembles a Hindu Kush garden with incense burning in the background. If you are looking for a full body experience of relaxation combined with total alertness, then this is the strain for you. The Master Kush strain somehow always intensifies the enjoyment factor of any activity. From hiking to painting, Master Kush will bring your senses a whole new experience. You never experienced life like you will while enjoying Master Kush.

Effects: Happy – Relaxed – Sleepy – Euphoric – Uplifted

Medical: Stress – Depression – Pain – Insomnia – Headaches



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  1. vtm19

    Love this strain, helps me relax and always get a good nights sleep. Shared with a friend and now she is going to order from you guys.

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