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THC – 21-23%

God’s Green Crack is a very balanced hybrid strain bred by Jordan of the Islands, who was eager to lighten up the heavy effects of God’s Bud with a high-flying Green Crack sativa. The indica and sativa parents work very well together, delivering a duality of head and body effects that lift the mood while relaxing simultaneously relaxing the muscles. Its buds take on a deep propel coloration towards the ends of its maturation period, especially when raised in lower temperatures. The user will typically feel uplifted, happy, relaxed, euphoric, and energetic.




  • Relaxed

  • Euphoric

  • Happy

  • Hungry

  • Uplifted



  • Stress

  • Pain

  • Depression

  • Insomnia

  • Lack of Appetite


3 reviews for GGC

  1. Johnny

    GGC, God’s Green Crack… I have no words. This is the strongest strain I have had in a while and I am a heavy smoker myself. Nice smell and earthy taste, with an out of this world high! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great experience.

  2. Michael Scott

    God’s Green Crack was simply a euphoric high. It hyped me up, made me laugh a lot and gave me an extra boost of confidence. The sleep after is just as amazing!

  3. yogajunky

    Great strain! Love the high I get from GGC. It keeps me focused on the task at hand and gets me through boring work like home lawn maintenance, programming and really long movies, like Avengers – End Game. Highly recommend this strain… no pun intended 😉

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