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Death Bubba

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Death Bubba was bred by Vancouver, British Columbia’s Sea to Sky Matteo Suleyman. This masterfully purple-hued beautiful bud is a hybrid strain that will have you melting into the couch. It’s earthy aroma has a piney musk that will remind you of an early morning Vancouver forest. Just getting a good whiff of Death Bubba is enough to transport your mind to an icy fresh forest trail. Born out of a crossing between Death Star and Bubba Kush means this bud has the best of both worlds. It smokes like a sweet dream and will force a flush of relaxing sedation and pain relief through your body. Try Death Bubba for an herby earthy strain that reminds you of nature’s true beauty.

Effects: Sleepy – Relaxed – Hungry – Euphoric – Happy




1 review for Death Bubba

  1. Sean Sockett

    Great tasting and good smoke

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