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Medical Marijuana 101

What You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana

For many people in Timmins who suffer from pain, insomnia, or depression, pills prescribed by their doctor can help to manage their negative symptoms. These pills can sometimes be quite effective; however, they can often create a number of undesirable side effects. It then becomes a choice between the lesser of two evils – living with the original symptoms or learning to cope with new, sometimes severe reactions. Anti-depressants in particular can sometimes cause devastatingly negative side effects and it is often a guessing game for doctors to determine which pill will work best for the patient, meaning that a patient may have to try many different types of anti-depressant before landing on one that causes the fewest harmful reactions. Medical marijuana, however, has been found to be an excellent treatment for depression, anxiety, and stress. Needless to say, this treatment method is preferable due to the limited side effects when compared to other pharmaceuticals and a large percentage of consumers who look to buy medical weed online do so to treat these illnesses.

While certain strains of medical marijuana are produced to treat depression and anxiety, others excel at managing pain, increasing appetite or decreasing nausea, or calming muscle spasms. Each strain is unique and can offer an effective experience, depending on your needs. In order to make sure you’re treating your symptoms as comprehensively as possible, learning about specific strains and how they work to treat your issues can, in a way, customize your experience and ensure satisfaction and relief.

If it’s your first time looking to buy weed online in Timmins, familiarizing yourself with the basics of the various cannabis plant strains before making your purchase can help to make your first experience an enjoyable and effective. There are two major types of marijuana strains – indica and sativa. These strains can be mixed to create a hybrid strain to combat a number of different symptoms or ailments. In hybrid strains, the combination of indica and sativa can range in ratio from 20% sativa – 80% indica, 30% indica – 70% sativa, or a simple 50/50 mix of the two.

Sativa and indica produce different effects, and hybrid strains, depending on their blend, can offer benefits from both strains. At Online Cannabis Store, we like to offer a wide range of indica strains, which tend to focus on resolving insomnia issues, pain management, and lack of appetites or nausea. By blending sativa with indica, our hybrid strains take the physical high associated with indica and combine it with the more euphoric high experienced by many sativa users. The result is a strain which effectively treats depression, fatigue, stress. We also recognize the fantastic benefits apparent in hybrid strains and we therefore carry what those who buy medical marijuana in Timmins consider to be some of the most popular hybrids.

Cannabis Consumables

Regardless of your strain choice, or whether you buy weed online or at a local dispensary, one of your decisions is how you’ll be consuming your cure. The majority of medical marijuana users like to smoke or vape, but there are some who look for more creative ways, or at least prefer to avoid smoking in general. Second to smoking or vaping, edibles have become the most popular method for consuming cannabis. At first it may seem complicated – if pre-made edibles aren’t purchased, it’s easy to give up on trying it altogether. However, making your own is quite easy. It’s all a matter of infusing a fatty cooking substance (like oil or butter) with your weed. There are lots of step by step instructional guides available online and the process is surprisingly simple. Once you have your infused oil or butter, it’s just a matter of finding your favourite recipe and cooking or baking up a tasty dish.

As a word of caution, however, it’s a good idea to make double of whatever you’re eating. Depending on the strain you purchase, you might find yourself getting hungry and once that hunger kicks in, you won’t want to start double and triple dosing with your newly created edibles. Making a clean batch of food for snacking will save you trouble in the long run.

The Best Bud from Online Cannabis Store

We at Online Cannabis Store understand that finding a trusted online marijuana dispensary is important for those who suffer from depression, nerve pain, stress, and many other symptoms completely treatable by medical marijuana. This is why we’re committed to being the best in the business.

Satisfaction for Our Customers

We are constantly working to ensure that every experience with Online Cannabis Store is a positive one. Our customer service team is trained specifically to see to the satisfaction of our clients.

Excellent Products

At Online Cannabis Store, we pride ourselves on selection. But what is selection if your product doesn’t have that potency that your customers are searching for? That’s why, to meet the needs of our customers, we focus on both variety and quality.

100% Discretion

This is perhaps one of the most important qualities of an online medical marijuana dispensary, so we take trust and discretion very seriously. We offer safe and discreet delivery practices for every client.

Honest Review System

Being able to shop with confidence is important, so we encourage each of our customers to review our products with integrity. By building a trustworthy community, you can be sure that when you see a review of a product, what you read is what you’re getting.