In a stoner’s world, there is no such thing as “excess weed.” But certainly, there are times where you buy weed for a weekend with your friends, and then the plans get cancelled. You are left with all that stash. And then the next week, your buddies get another stash that can last a month. You should know how to store that extra weed without ruining its potency, flavour, and any essential components.

1.   Lighting

Just like UV light is harmful to many other things, it can also ruin your Cannabis strain. It is therefore very important that you store your weed in a dark place. If you keep it in a clear mason jar, make sure you insert some cardboard or a piece of paper of dark colour around the inside of the jar. This is the easiest way to make your mason jar opaque and prevent any reactions because of the direct light.

2. Temperature

Cannabis strains can indeed last up to a year or even two years if you take proper care. Temperature plays a very important role in preserving your weed for a long time. If it is summertime, you should ensure not to keep your stash at a place that gets too hot during the day. And during the winters, you need to store it in a place where it doesn’t get too cold. It means that the ideal temperature at which your weed will remain fresh is the temperature that we feel comfortable with, and that is around 27 to 290 C.

3. Humidity

Even if you have stored your weed in an air-tight container, or a jar, humidity variation will still affect it. When there’s too much humidity, your weed collects water from the air around and ruins all the strain’s flavor and potency. It is supposed to stay dry, but excessive dryness is also harmful to the weed. It can dry up all the important chemicals that go with THC to give you a well-rounded high. After all, it is about preserving all the good effects of your Cannabis.

4. A Jar is better than a Bag

It’s alright if you don’t have a jar available right away. You can seal your weed in an air-tight bag very carefully until you get a pot or a jar( this reminds us, when is a door not a door? When it’s ajar. Sorry about that.). Yes, you will need to store it in a jar eventually. Because if you use a bag, you will end up crushing all the trichomes on your strain, and all the goodness of that THC will be long gone.

The Take-Away

Whenever it is time for you to take that stored weed out and finally smoke it, make sure it is not bad. This brings into the discussion if the weed can go bad. Yes, it can. But you will only find it out after you light it up. One way is to smell it. If there is no pungency at all, it means that all the terpenes and Cannabinoids are already gone, and the high you get can be very short. To ensure a long-lasting high with well-rounded effects, it is essential to preserve the terpenes and the Cannabinoids of your Cannabis. For more details, contact our support team today.