Rolling a joint is an art. If you know how to do it, you are already a ‘guest of honor’ in late-night savage parties. There are many aspects to rolling a joint by hand, from how good you roll it to how easy it is actually to smoke.

Many people master the skill of rolling a joint within a week, while some people can never roll a crisp and clean joint. You need steady hands for this and the right amount of thirst for smoking an old-school hand-rolled joint.

People who always complain about not learning it despite trying hundreds of times     actually enjoy smoking their weed out of a bong or a vape. So, it is both physical and psychological when it comes to rolling a joint.

To Roll The Perfect Joint, You Need:

  1. Cannabis Flower
  2. Grinder
  3. Rolling paper
  4. Filter tip OR a piece of a card if you are making your own filter
  5. Lighter (avoid using a butane lighter as it spoils the essence of weed)

Step#1: Grind The Bud

This is the first and foremost step of all. If your flower is ground perfectly, you will have a smooth high. Otherwise, it can ruin the whole experience. It’s all about burning the product in an even way. Once you drop your bud into the grinder, all you have to do is twist it ten to twelve times. The trick is to get it crumbly, and you know about it when your grinder starts to move freely.

Step#2: Filter Tip

This step is not compulsory. You can skip adding a filter but at later stages. As a beginner, you need the filter tip to help you roll the paper around it easily. Also, a filter keeps your joint snug (not as warm or cozy but tightly packed) and prevents the bits of flower from falling into your mouth. So, you can either use a branded filter tip or make one yourself using any piece of a card. To make your own filter tip, you will need to give it some accordion folds to keep it from unfurling.

Step#3: Fill The Paper And Roll It Up

This is the step where you will be doing the major prep work. Leave some room at the end of your rolling paper for inserting the filter and fill the rest of the void with your freshly ground bud. Once all the “stuff” is in there, you will need to grab your paper by both ends. Then gently press the ends against each other while twisting so that all the ground flower settles in properly. Then with the support of your filter tip, you can start rolling the paper. Think of it as wrapping the bottom of the paper around the filter tip. The rest of the paper goes on its own, then. It takes tens of joints before you roll a good one. So, don’t worry if it is all shabby; you will get there.

Step#4: Lick And Glue The Paper

Once you are done with the most difficult part – rolling of the joint, you will need to pack it well. For that, you will lick the end of the paper where the sticky side is. Then twist it around tightly and glue it to the other side of the paper. Grab a pencil or anything that can tuck in your ground flower from the top of the rolled joint. Don’t pack it too tight from the top, or else you will end up with a smokeless joint. To get the smoothest smoke, all the particles inside should be uniform.


Now that you have all the information, we hope you can roll your joint crisp and clean so you can enjoy the party. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go smoothly in the beginning. It will take time and practice. Soon, you’ll be rolling joints like a pro. And if you need more products, you are free to visit Online Cannabis Store or contact our experts for free.