Stoner self-sabotage is the same as your usual self-sabotage. To put it simply, it means to become a problem for your own self. To linger on the over-due tasks from the last week just to enjoy some more personal time makes absolutely no sense. But people do it all the time, especially the stoners.

Whether you are a pot-head or not, we all have been there when nothing seems to arouse our mood to be productive. At times, we become so lazy that even the most important things in life don’t seem to produce a stimulus for us. It is quite a struggle for stoners to keep their head straight during the day if they have a normal day job. Here are some tips for managing your weed smoking habits to take control of things and be more productive.

1. Make your own reward system

If you smoke weed whenever you want, you need to change that. Weed should be your reward for doing something productive during your day. If you have a night job, you can reward yourself in the morning for all the work you have done. The same goes for all the other responsibilities that you have. It’s just that you should make a habit of smoking your Cannabis only after you get things done.

2. Only plan what you can do in a day

So, you were procrastinating for a while, and now your panic monster has been triggered. In this situation, you may want to get it all done in one day to avoid any more trouble. Well, that would be more bad planning. The time you wasted has gone, it will not come back, but the time you have now means everything for you. Make the most of your time whenever you find yourself aware of your responsibilities. It is time to make a list of practically possible things for you to cover in a day. And when you are done with them, reward yourself with limited Cannabis.

3. Don’t get wasted on the weekends

It is fine if you smoke more than two or three joints on Friday night before going to bed. Anything more than that means you are getting into a no-return zone – again. This is how “self-sabotage’ begins. Whenever you are excited or have earned yourself a worry-free weekend, you get into activities that will leave side effects. Before every activity, think about how it will affect your Monday. That will keep you in your senses, and you will not get completely lost. Obviously, it will spoil the fun for you to some extent. Still, it is better to keep pushing yourself during your free time than to work extra hard during your regular week.

4. Look at the bigger picture

Just be honest with yourself and ask, “is my smoking ever going to take me any closer to my goals?”. It can certainly take you away but not close. If you are one of those stoners, who say they need a ‘rollie’ to get their day started, cut it down. No one needs Cannabis to be productive during their day. It is all psychological association that we make in our mind just to keep it casual for ourselves. Stoners usually make such associations to avoid the guilt they have for wasting time. If this habit is not helping you reach your bigger goals in any way, start tapering it off and try to quit.


Anyone can go through self-sabotage, stoner or not. The best way to get out of it is to discuss it with people close to you. Talk it out and think it through. If you keep it all to yourself, nothing good is going to happen on its own. When you talk about your toxic habits with someone, the solutions to problems already start popping up in your mind.