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Cannabis Information

What to Do When Your Mental Health Professional is Opposed to Cannabis

Cannabis and psychedelics have emerged as a possible solution to help consumers with specific physical and mental health conditions. Marijuana, in particular, is now legal in Canada. Marijuana consumers use it either for recreational or medical purposes. Still, mental health professionals do not suggest cannabis as an ideal medicine, whether their patients like that or […]

Cannabis Cooking Oil Preparation

As cannabis takes over the world by storm due to its increasing legalization, we see more and more people getting mindful of its benefits. This leads them to seek ways to integrate cannabis into their lifestyles. One safe and simple way to do that is by infusing your cooking oil with cannabis. It is a […]

What Are Cannabis Flavonoids and What Do They Do?

Cannabinoids and terpenoids are found in cannabis and discussed often. However, there are also flavonoids present in cannabis, having many health benefits. Still, cannabis flavonoids are not discussed as often as they should. They are potent antioxidants having anti-inflammatory properties to boot. It is the presence of flavonoids in green teas that fight disease and […]

7 Ways To Get Sober After Being High

Getting high is not a problem for anyone anymore. You can get the best weed online and consume it all in one go. However, the ensuing highs might mess up with your mind. Different people experience different results from these highs. But some of the side effects are common, like nausea, anxiety, paranoia, and more. […]

6 Common Myths about High CBD Cannabis

Medical research is still going on about the effects of CBD. You may find CBD products globally on the shelves of health food stores and online stores. CBD is safe, and it is one of the healing components of marijuana. But due to the lack of knowledge, certain myths are associated with it. Here are […]

What Are Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis Industry keeps growing, with novel cannabis products coming into the market for recreational and medical purposes. The marijuana community is persistently breeding novel strains to get high quickly. Edibles in the category of weed are offering more convenience to stoners. Then, there are cannabis concentrates that come in various forms. Among cannabis concentrates, live […]

What Are the Best Ways to Get Rid of the Cannabis Smell?

Cannabis strains have a wide range of smells associated with them. Some may smell like pine trees and fresh soil, while others may smell like grapefruit juice. Some may even smell like diesel fumes. This is the reason why weed is so enjoyable. It creates an immersive experience for the smoker. But there are some […]

How to Make Cannabis Edibles from Concentrates

The easiest way to make edibles like gummies and candy is by using concentrates. Numerous cannabis enthusiasts love making edibles. But such processes are time-consuming and need great attention. However, with cannabis concentrates, you can come up with very delicious and properly-dosed edibles. First Thing First: Why Make Cannabis Edibles from Concentrates? There are various […]

What is Hash?

Hash, also called Hashish, is a concentrate formed by rubbing the resin glands of the ganja plant to create the brick, slab, and rolled pieces. It comes in different colours, including chocolate brown, greenish khaki, and sandy brown. This concentrate is usually inhaled or smoked, and it’s made using a few distinct methods. The main […]

Why Does Cannabis Make You High?

We all have experienced ‘high’ in one way or the other without knowing it. Getting ‘high’ means to alter the perceptiveness of our brain. There are many instances where you go through a momentarily high in your life without consuming any drug. For instance, winning a lottery of 1 Million dollars will get you high […]

How To Buy Good Weed? Finding Quality In Cannabis

Cannabis comes in never-ending varieties and forms nowadays. Anyone can easily get overwhelmed with so many options at once. Buying Cannabis in Canada is super convenient now. Still, this convenience comes at a cost (not talking about the price of weed). That cost is the dilemma that you have to go through every time gazing […]

How To Pack And Smoke A Bowl Of Cannabis

There are various ways to smoke cannabis, but the most popular one among the stoners is smoking the bowl with a pipe. If you are unfamiliar with cannabis consumption, you would need to know how to pack and smoke a bowl of cannabis. It doesn’t matter if you want to pack a pipe to enjoy smoking […]

CBD Edibles, What You Need to Know

The marijuana industry is burgeoning day by day, with loads of products emerging in the market. Unlike THC, which is known for producing a high feeling, CBD is known for treating pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders without any psychoactive effects. Consumer products having CBD are claimed to guarantee relaxation, lift up your mood, and relieve […]

5 Essential Tips for New Cannabis Growers

Sometimes you smoke so much marijuana that all its varieties start to taste the same. That is when you know you need a change. It is time to switch to something organic. Just think about it; if you are having trouble finding a strain that can give you the same buzz as you had with […]

4 Cannabis Delivery Methods to Look For

When it comes to smoking Cannabis, there is a great variety of delivery methods. Some are faster than others. Some can get you high within a few seconds but can also wear off very fast. While other methods are safer and ensure a long-lasting, more potent high. It all boils down to what type of […]

How To Store Weed, And How Long Is It Good For?

In a stoner’s world, there is no such thing as “excess weed.” But certainly, there are times where you buy weed for a weekend with your friends, and then the plans get cancelled. You are left with all that stash. And then the next week, your buddies get another stash that can last a month. […]