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Cannabis Information

5 Essential Tips for New Cannabis Growers

Sometimes you smoke so much marijuana that all its varieties start to taste the same. That is when you know you need a change. It is time to switch to something organic. Just think about it; if you are having trouble finding a strain that can give you the same buzz as you had with […]

4 Cannabis Delivery Methods to Look For

When it comes to smoking Cannabis, there is a great variety of delivery methods. Some are faster than others. Some can get you high within a few seconds but can also wear off very fast. While other methods are safer and ensure a long-lasting, more potent high. It all boils down to what type of […]

How To Store Weed, And How Long Is It Good For?

In a stoner’s world, there is no such thing as “excess weed.” But certainly, there are times where you buy weed for a weekend with your friends, and then the plans get cancelled. You are left with all that stash. And then the next week, your buddies get another stash that can last a month. […]

How to avoid Stoner Self-Sabotage

Stoner self-sabotage is the same as your usual self-sabotage. To put it simply, it means to become a problem for your own self. To linger on the over-due tasks from the last week just to enjoy some more personal time makes absolutely no sense. But people do it all the time, especially the stoners. Whether […]

5 Ways to Enhance Your Smoking Session

Smoking marijuana with friends on the weekend instead of heavy drinking at a pub has its own perks. Stoners are ‘highly’ associated with quiet and peaceful sessions. They prefer staying inside instead of going to rave parties. That is one of the ways that they enhance their smoking session. The sole purpose of Marijuana is […]

How to Roll a Joint?

Rolling a joint is an art. If you know how to do it, you are already a ‘guest of honor’ in late-night savage parties. There are many aspects to rolling a joint by hand, from how good you roll it to how easy it is actually to smoke. Many people master the skill of rolling […]

How to use a Grinder for Cannabis

As a Cannabis user, you may have been part of a smoking session where bongs, vapes, and dab rigs are on the rounds. These smoking methods are often used when more people will smoke marijuana. On the other hand, in small gatherings where joints are the party favourites, there will be a need for at […]

What Is CBD? A Beginners Guide

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. You may already be familiar with it if you suffer a chronic condition like pain or anxiety. The good thing about CBD is that you can find it in cannabis, which is now legal in Canada. Nowadays, you see various CBD products coming to the medical and recreational cannabis stores. You […]

The Difference between CBD Derived from Hemp and Cannabis

CBD is gaining popularity in the medicine cabinets and on the local convenience stores’ shelves and many drugstores. There’s also an awareness that not all CBD products are made the same way and produced from the same kind of cannabis. CBD has two classifications, including the derivation from hemp and cannabis. Is there a difference […]

The Importance of taking a Tolerance Break

If you have been consuming Cannabis regularly, you must have developed some tolerance for it. There is no doubt about developing a tolerance for any substance that is consumed regularly. Cannabis Consumption (THC and CBD) Cannabis can be consumed for both medical and recreational use. The THC in Cannabis is often associated with its recreational […]

How Cannabis Can Make Menopause Easier

Menopause, also known as the climacteric, is the state when women stop having menstrual periods. It usually happens in the late 40s or the early 50s in most women. Women feel a variety of symptoms leading up to that point, including hot flashes, changes in their monthly cycles, and more. That period is called the […]

Does Smoking Weed Help For Better Meditation?

“Smoking weed” may sound like something illegal, unethical, or something that good folks don’t do. That is because of the years of ban on weed by many countries. Some countries can even sentence you to life just for possessing Marijuana. Apart from all these controversies and legalization arguments, weed has proved to help with many […]

What Are One-Hitter Pipes?

Fundamentally, a one-hitter or a one-hitter pipe has two other names, including the ‘Chillum’ or a ‘Bat.’ It is a pipe that you can pack and clear in a single hit. That is why it is called a one-hitter. How are one-hitter pipes sold? They are sold as hollow glass tubes, having a bowl on […]

What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), and who is Rick Simpson?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) might be one of the most controversial Cannabis products so far. Officials in many jurisdictions have banned the production of RSO. It is a highly volatile and risky compound. But who is Rick Simpson, and what’s with all the controversies? Rick Simpson is a Canadian who was diagnosed with a type […]

What is a Cannabis Dab Pen?

Ever since Canada legalized Cannabis, stoners have started to be more creative with their Marijuana. With already so many traditional delivery methods of Cannabis available, there seems to be no reason to develop new techniques. But that is just a sober perspective. If you are not into recreational use of Marijuana, you won’t get it. […]

Why Was CBD Illegal If It’s Not Intoxicating?

CBD has never lost its importance as one of the main compounds found in cannabis. Research is still going on about the medical effects of CBD to treat certain medical conditions. According to the latest research, it is safe and non-psychoactive. However, it was illegal to produce or sell as per the Controlled Drugs and […]