Getting high is not a problem for anyone anymore. You can get the best weed online and consume it all in one go. However, the ensuing highs might mess up with your mind. Different people experience different results from these highs. But some of the side effects are common, like nausea, anxiety, paranoia, and more. These effects can be extremely uncomfortable for many people, which is why we are here to help you get rid of those effects with simple and easy steps.

Here are seven effective ways to sober up from a high:

Take A Shower

Taking a hot shower increases your body’s blood flow. It opens your airways, resulting in a more alert and functional state. However, there might be occasions where showering might not be a feasible option, for instance, if you are out. In that case, you can always splash your face with cold water to help restore the calm and ease your mind.

Stay Hydrated

Cottonmouth, aka dry mouth, can result in a bad high after consuming cannabis. This reaction can occur due to the THC compound present in it. THC binds with the cannabinoid receptors in your body that prevents messages from reaching your nervous system, thereby reducing saliva production.  Keeping yourself hydrated with water during this time is essential. Additional juices rich with Vitamin B and C can be highly beneficial as the electrolytes introduced will help reduce fuzziness, cloudiness, and of course, dry mouth.

Black Peppercorn

THC-rich strains may overstimulate certain regions in the brain responsible for emotional processes, resulting in increased anxiety. This is where black peppercorn does wonders for you. Include it in your food, or you can smell and chew it for immediate results.

Black peppercorn is known to contain terpenes that might help overcome the intoxicating effects of THC, thereby dealing with anxiety and paranoia effectively.

Good Sleep

A good way to sober up following a night of weed party with your friends, is a good night’s sleep. If the highs are intense and you are short on time, a quick nap of half an hour might also suffice. Sleeping, nonetheless, is one of the surefire ways to wear off the effects of cannabis.

Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

Opting for a healthy, balanced breakfast the morning after weed use will bring in several benefits after a good night’s sleep. Go with a small carb-rich serving along with a lean source of protein and healthy fat.


In case you are unable to sleep due to the lingering highs, you can always go outside for a quick jog, given you’re not too light-headed. Indulging in light exercise will stimulate endorphins production, which can help wake the brain up and raise the energy level.


It has been widely observed in anecdotal reports that cannabidiol (CBD) effectively counteracts THC hangover’s harmful effects. Just make sure that the CBD product you are buying is the isolated-type or containing no THC content.

Final Thoughts

We will inevitably be in situations where we need to be productive and functional, especially after getting high. The ways mentioned above can certainly go a long way in reducing the cannabis effects. However, suppose you’re searching for a marijuana experience without the risk of getting too high. In that case, you must find the best THC dose since this psychoactive compound is primarily responsible for giving you that cerebral high.

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