Smoking marijuana with friends on the weekend instead of heavy drinking at a pub has its own perks. Stoners are ‘highly’ associated with quiet and peaceful sessions. They prefer staying inside instead of going to rave parties. That is one of the ways that they enhance their smoking session. The sole purpose of Marijuana is fulfilment, joy, pleasure, and relaxation – that can only come when you are in the most comfortable settings.

If you are bored with your smoking sessions, you are not trying anything new. Well, here are five ways to enhance your smoking sessions – every time.

1.   Variety of Strains

There are infinite choices when it comes to picking the strains of Cannabis. Many cannabis users who solely smoke pot for recreational purposes usually stick to only a few strains. You may have had some bad experiences trying different strains, and maybe that is why you don’t want to try anymore. So, this is the reason most stoners stick to the tried and tested strains. The trick with THC is in the rotation. When you keep on smoking similar strains for a long time, your body and brain develop quite a tolerance, and then you don’t even feel the same high as the first time. Therefore, the best way to get that mind-boggling high again is to switch to a newer, more potent strain.

2. Methods of Intake

With the increasing use of Marijuana, there has been a significant revolution in its intake methods. There are modern vape pens, bubblers, vaporizers, and hotboxing methods. Just like the point above, you could try a new method. If you have been smoking out of your old bong for the last few weeks and now don’t feel a buzz, it’s “high” time to switch to another method. Maybe an old-school blunt or a joint would suffice. Switching from a richer method of consumption to a lighter alternative can sometimes do the trick. You may not need that much of the flower’s smoke inside your body to get you there.

3. Make some changes to your smoking environment

The ambience is a crucial factor in getting high. Have you ever tried a very fancy meal in your messy room? If you have, you know how it spoils all the fun. On the other hand, imagine having any regular meal sitting at the beach, cool breeze touching your face gently, in the silence. You will have entirely different experiences in both conditions. So, all we are saying is, you can enhance your smoking session by making some simple changes to where you smoke. Or you can try smoking it outdoors, under the sky. This makes a lot of difference to your high.

4. Try it in Solitude sometimes

You often associate the effects of THC with your gathering. That soon starts to become repetitive, and that is why you might think you’re not getting high anymore. If you just go out of your way one weekend and cancel all the plans with your friends. Make some time for yourself, and you will find it an altogether different experience. It may look a little boring to smoke your weed all alone, but as soon as the buzz hits you, you will be creating your own universe of thoughts.

5. Try some of that Moon Rock

If you haven’t yet tried moon rock, you are missing out a lot. Moon rock is simple to construct and easy to smoke, and the effects are phenomenal. All you have to do is pick a strain with potent THC, preferably an Indica strain. Now grab some hash and smear your buds in that hash oil. Once it is seasoned well, you need to pour in some kief as a topping in your bowl. This technique of smoking will definitely change the way you get high.


So, you still think you are not getting high enough? These five tricks will ensure that you experience the high you want in a cost-effective manner. Let us know if there are any other tips you know.