When it comes to smoking Cannabis, there is a great variety of delivery methods. Some are faster than others. Some can get you high within a few seconds but can also wear off very fast. While other methods are safer and ensure a long-lasting, more potent high. It all boils down to what type of high you are looking for. Here are four popular Cannabis delivery methods that differ from each other in terms of rapidness, safety, longer high period, and intensity of the high.

1.   Joints and Blunts

One of the oldest methods of consuming Cannabis is to roll it in rolling paper and smoke it. This old-school delivery method is sure to get you high within the first few tokes, but it isn’t the easiest way. Also, when smoking blunts, you are going to consume tobacco along with your Marijuana. Rolling papers also add some impurities to your Cannabis consumption. So, this method may be a fast way to get high, but it is not the healthiest option.

2. Edibles

If you are someone who can wait for an hour or so before the weed kicks in, this method is for you. It requires patience and nothing else. We would say one of the safest and healthiest ways to consume your Cannabis is to take it through an edible. Edibles come in a huge variety with various options of THC and CBD strengths. You can easily choose between Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid categories from edibles and enjoy your long-lasting high. The thing with Cannabis edibles is that they get absorbed into your system slowly but then getting sober also takes a while.

3. Vaporization

This Cannabis delivery method is not new. However, there has been quite a lot of work done in this category lately. You can find tons of options in Cannabis Vaporizers. They are safe, healthy, and fast when it comes to getting high on your favourite strain. Vaporization differs greatly from smoking a joint or a bunt. A vaporizer heats the flower to only a temperature that is enough to extract CBD or the THC component that you are after. It also prevents any other harmful toxins from mixing with the THC extract that goes into your lungs. Once you take a few puffs out of your vape pen, you can immediately feel the high you wanted.

4. Water Pipes

This is another Cannabis delivery method that acts very fast when it comes to feeling the effects of THC. You can either use a bong or a bubbler for this. However, the use of water in this is still debatable. Does it only keep the constituents cool, or does it also filter the toxins? You can try that and feel the difference on your own. This method ensures a smoother smoking experience that can get you high instantly and without all the mess of rolling.

Final Thoughts

There are many other Cannabis delivery methods that you may want to look for. But these four methods have been there for a long time and are also going to stay for a long time. Since all the other methods originate from these four basic methods of cannabis delivery, you may want to stick to the basics first. For more details, you can contact the experts or visit Online Cannabis Store .